There's no 'I' in sASSy... but there's ass!

The Sassyracs were born out of an abrupt end to their beloved group the Organ Grinders. Upon realizing they missed the camaraderie and joy of dancing together, a group of dancers banded together to form the new group. But the Sassyracs were more than just the former group, there were new dances and dancers, a new look, a new support vehicle and a new organizational structure.

Armed with the knowledge of successes and challenges that their former group encountered, they set their sights on Mardi Gras 2022. However, at the time, it was highly uncertain as to whether or not Mardi Gras would even happen. But the Sassyracs forged ahead, dancing the positive vibes into the universe.

When it was announced that Krewe of Boo would be the first major parade to return after a Covid hiatus, the Sassyracs knew that the time was right. With quick organization, the Sassyracs debuted in the 2021 Krewe of Boo parade.

During their inaugural Mardi Gras season they also performed in Sparta, Muses and Tucks, a big lineup for a fresh new group! The positive feedback from both crowds and parade organizers alike, let the Sassyracs know they had made the right decision.