There's no 'I' in sASSy... but there's ass!

The Sassyracs began many years ago as the Organ Grinders. Once our founder moved away in 2020 we decided we were done monkeying around!

At our heart, we were a group who brought that sass and hated seeing anyone left out. Our inspiration came from our love of Rye and dislike of inequality in the world. In 1949, that meant women couldn't drink at New Orlean's famous Sazarac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel. A sassy group got themselves together and stormed the bar and demanded their right to be served New Orlean's quintessential drink. An overwhelmed bartender acquiesced and the rest is history.

We're all about inclusivity and enthusiasm. If you can bring that sass, you can dance with that ass.

And lastly, who doesn't like a good Sazarac...