Lil' Sassy Needs Your Help!!

In Sassyracs debut year, we made a stellar showing. We gathered some amazing people together to dance, drink, and bring that Sass!

We even managed to get together this amazing Sazerac inspired "support vehicle". Through each parade, this vehicle brought us music, drinks, inspiration, and a very nice place to pee.

Now, little Sassy needs our help!! Our storage fell through about halfway through the season and lil' sassy has persevered throughout it all in the sun, rain, and your average New Orleans driver. Now, we need to rent a space to keep our lil' Sassy safe for our future seasons.

Requirements for the space:

  • Can store up to 11' tall, 8' wide, and 21' long

  • Behind a locked gate

  • Ideally, out of the elements

  • Start renting April 1st.

For extra credit:

  • A space we could also work on future improvements with access to power and a bathroom.

Please reach out to Jacqui Nelson - if you know of any space we can rent.